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Just wondering if anyone still uses this blog? There are still plenty of followers after all this inactivity, so it only makes sense that a bunch of you might still come on to get reactions.

I think I’ll start the blog back up, if you guys would be up for that. But I’d need lots of help from you guys. And in addition to myself, I know we’ve got plenty of artists following, So requests for things are completely welcome too!

Lex isn’t on board anymore, I don’t know when he dropped his membership, but I wanna keep this alive.


fuckyeahpokereactions is now fypokereactions
This blog LIIIIVVVEEESSSS again. What happened?

eh I saw a good picture for thisblog so I reblogged it

maybe I’ll start doing it more

is lance coming back to pokemon in pokemon black and white



"¡¡Pik… "
OMG buzz